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2023 Predicted Marketing Trends

2023 is a few weeks away; hopefully, you are working ahead and preparing content for the new year. Before digging into content writing, check out our 2023 predicted marketing trends. These tips will help you create attainable marketing goals, and

Meet Kati

Hello! My name is Kati Sletten, and I am the newest Project Manager at Brand Yourself. I grew up in Minneapolis and attended The University of St. Thomas, where I graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship and a minor in

Creating Your Hashtag Strategy

In the past we've dug into some tips on outwitting social media algorithms to get your posts noticed. Engagement is a science, and it requires attention for it to work to your benefit.Hashtags are funny little things. You've probably seen

5 Easy Steps to Creating a Social Post!

Creating content can be very fun, but also challenging and time-consuming. At Brand Yourself, we produce our custom stock photos, videos, and copy, which provides our clients with original and unique content. Marketing may be our job, but that doesn't

Why the Social Media Algorithms Hate You

Social. Media. Algorithms.  Back in the day, your feed was organized based on publish time. This allowed brands and companies to reach a higher percentage of their target audience solely by being consistent with their posts. If you wanted to reach

Insta Stories for Marketing: 5 Tips to Stay in the Game

Instagram stories are a powerful way for you or your brand to communicate with your existing followers and to introduce yourself to potential followers. By using best practices and the right tools, Instagram stories are a game changer in the marketing

Social Media Spring Cleaning Checklist

Does Spring have you itching for some change? Us, too. We want to make it easy to give your social media presence a facelift. With three tips, you can transform how your brand leverages a social media platform. [Tweet "Spring

One Thing Your Craft Brewery Can’t Market Without

Entrepreneur recently published an article about the spirit of collaboration in the craft beer industry. They explain that, acting in their own best interest, craft beer experts have long worked together. While this is an interesting phenomenon, it brings to

19 Ways To Strategically Dominate On Blab

Blab is a new social platform that hosts a network of live 2-4 person video chats (think Periscope meets Google Hangout). You can find or host relevant blabs through categories or by connecting with your Twitter audience. Users can