How to use AI to define your brand voice

How to use AI to define your brand voice

This is NOT an exercise in creating copy/paste content from ChatGPT. I repeat: this is NOT a prompting tip to have AI write your content for you.

Now that we’ve settled that – on with the lesson:

AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney have taken the creative world by storm this year. Some brands fear the implications of AI-generated content and ideas and other brands have embraced the technology with open arms. Brand Yourself is the latter. We dove in head first in March of 2023 after attending Social Media Marketing World and haven’t looked back.

We love using it as a brainstorming tool, a “say this another way” option, and creating photos of our mascot, Kevin, in our office.

As copywriters it is important to us to make sure we stay on brand when creating social media posts for our clients. The use of AI makes this element a bit more difficult for creators to write content at scale (this also completely goes against our CANDID Content philosophy) but we have found a way to help us develop the voice of a client so we feel the content ideas we brainstorm stay on brand.

We find that having ChatGPT analyze for voice, tone, and style allows us to get really clear on whether the content we are creating aligns with the brand voice or is falling short.

I’ll give you an example:

We always begin our projects by auditing our client’s content. We take a look at what has been working and what hasn’t – and do some light keyword research to help us find a starting point for creating their content strategy.

When looking at analytics, start by looking at what posts or emails received the most engagement. (For social posts, this will be likes, shares, and comments – for emails, this would be open rates and replies.) 

Once you have a few of the top-performing pieces of content – copy/paste that into ChatGPT with the prompt of: analyze this for voice, tone, and style.

We did that with an email that I wrote recently, and this was the response from ChatGPT 4:

“The voice, tone, and style of the provided text come across as personable, passionate, and motivational. The author’s voice is clear and distinctive, characterized by a deep personal investment in the subject matter and a conversational, direct mode of address that suggests an intent to build a close relationship with the audience. The tone is positive and encouraging, yet there’s a serious undercurrent acknowledging the real challenges present in the current social media landscape.

…it goes on to give a breakdown focusing on specific aspects.

We have defined our voice as:


    • Conversational
    • Witty
    • Casual
    • Encouraging 
    • Knowledgeable
    • Direct
    • …with a slight bit of sass

Looking at the analysis, it looks like this email was on point!

When hiring a social media manager or outsourcing this work to an agency – it will be vital that they are able to stay on brand to maintain the trust you’ve worked so hard to build with your audience. 

We see brands all the time that have handed off their social content to the youngest intern only to find that in a couple of months, the content doesn’t even sound like them.


Does this sound familiar?

Try this tactic yourself or if you’d like some help to define your voice and create an ongoing content strategy, let us know. We have products to overhaul your content and get you to a place where you are seeing engagement and making the impact you’ve intended with your social content.

I can’t wait to hear what you think about this – comment with what your brands voice, tone, and style are!


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