Curating a Captivating Blog Post

Curating a Captivating Blog Post

The world of content marketing is fast and changes by the hour. I recently talked to a colleague about what goes into content creation, and my friend said, “It’s just writing blogs; it’s not that big of a deal.” Aside from being slightly offended, I took her comment and sat on it for quite some time. What does this comment mean? What are we not communicating to our clients about the depth and importance that content creation can do for a business? You might think it’s all about cranking out text but hold that thought!  


Creating a blog post isn’t just about wielding words. It’s more like constructing an intricate piece of architecture, where the writing forms the core structure. But what about the aesthetics, the design, the accessibility? These are crafted through visual branding, SEO, wordsmithing, and promotion. Each element is then layered together to create an engaging user experience. Let’s break it down!  


  1. Writing – Clarity is vital! 


When creating a blog post, you must first identify your topic and then break down what the goal of the article is going to be. What is it that you want your reader to do? Is it to click on your new lead generator? Or it’s to have them reach out to you for help.  


You must create your outline once you have narrowed those two things down. I know this may sound unnecessary but trust me…. outlines work, so take the time to write it out. Because after that’s taken care of, your writing will be easy and breezy.  


This one seems like a no-brainer, but we all need the reminder. After you complete your article, review it, and edit out confusing or unnecessary phrases. While editing, always go back to your main goal for the blog post. Are you successfully hitting that goal? If so… it’s time to move on!  


TIP: Write a unique blog excerpt that briefly summarizes the post and entices the reader to click the link to read the full post.  



  1. Visual Branding – First Impressions Matter 


Visual branding is your chance to make a stellar first impression. It’s akin to the façade of a beautiful building – it captures attention, sets the mood, and invites your audience to step inside.  


Your visuals should stand out, shining like a lighthouse amidst the sea of content. It’s all about images, fonts, colors, and the layout – elements that should consistently resonate with your brand identity. Be creative, be unique, but most importantly, be you. Here are a few tips to help you with the aesthetics of your post:  


  • Bullet Points/lists are great ways to break down information.  
  • White space is your friend. It’s best to keep the post clean and easy to read.  
  • Visuals must look and feel like your brand. This includes videos and audio you add to your blog post as well.  


  1. SEO – Navigating the Digital Maze 


Picture this: You’ve crafted an excellent piece of content, but it’s hidden deep within the digital maze of the internet. How will your audience find it? That’s were SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, steps in, acting as the compass guiding your readers to your work.  


Creating SEO-friendly content means incorporating relevant keywords, maintaining a balanced keyword density, and utilizing compelling meta descriptions and title tags. But remember – SEO is a strategic game. Excessive keyword use is a pitfall to avoid, as it can lead to a less-than-pleasant reading experience.  


Make sure your meta-descriptions are customized for each blog post and include those essential keywords that rank well for your organization in the description to ensure your desired audience reads your content.  


  1. Promotion – Amplify Your Message 


Once your blog post is polished and ready, it’s time to launch it into the digital sphere. Promotion is like switching on a loudspeaker, broadcasting your message to your target audience.  


Whether through social media campaigns, email newsletters, guest posting, or leveraging personal networks, promotion is how you propel your blog post into the spotlight. Remember, even the most well-crafted content requires a nudge to get noticed!  


  1. Engagement – A Two-Way Street 


Your blog post isn’t just a presentation; it’s a conversation; Foster engagement by encouraging comments, responding actively, and cultivating a sense of community around your posts. It’s not just about what you say; it’s about listening to your audience and building meaningful connections.  


So, there you have it – a peek into the intricate process of blog post creation simplified into digestible nuggets of wisdom. Remember that your blog post is a holistic experience, blending compelling text with design, accessibility, visibility, and interaction. That’s how we navigate the exciting digital marketing landscape to ensure your blog post does something for you.  


Are you ready to create, inspire, and engage? It’s time you start that blog post you’ve been putting off. 


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