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Get to know us better

Meet our Storytellers

Tami - Brand Yourself Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO


Tami was born and raised in Northfield, Minnesota. She lives there now with her husband and two children who don’t seem to stop growing up.

With Marketing and Sales experience dating back to 2001, Tami knows a thing or two about bringing fresh air to an old brand. In addition to her professional experience, Tami is a big data geek. She finds inspiration in trying to figure out why your Facebook ad campaign is a total flop. She is a lifelong learner and loves keeping up with new strategies.

When she isn’t trolling around Facebook (for work–really!), Tami enjoys curling up with a cup of coffee and a good book. She loves the sound of laughter and can’t wait to head back to the beach and build more sand castles with her kiddos.

Caity - Insights Director
Chief Operating Officer


After spending a couple of years enjoying the beach in North Carolina, Caity has returned to the land of 10,000 lakes for good! She brings both B2B and B2C knowledge to the team, with a focus on social media advertising and brand development. She loves using her experience in the agency world and testing new ideas with clients across different industries.

Caity lives in Prior Lake, MN with her husband Rob, adorable son Tucker, and two rescue mutts Allie and Zoey. She is the owner of an obsessively organized email inbox, lover of outdoor adventures (a certified kayak instructor!) and is constantly on the hunt for the world’s best cheese curds.

Social Media Trailblazer

Jordan Andreas

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, Jordan returned to her hometown of Northfield, MN. She is excited to bring her passion for marketing and photography to the team and is ready to make connections with current and future clients.

When Jordan is not working she enjoys painting, being outdoors (even though she is allergic to all things nature) and traveling as much as possible. She was fortunate enough to live in Scotland for eight months and is ready to go back and keep exploring. Some of Jordan’s favorite activities around Northfield are hiking through the Carleton Arboretum, getting ice cream at Hogan Brothers and celebrating the Defeat of Jesse James Days.

Chief Troublemaker

Addison Enfield

Addison resides in Northfield with her mom and dad. She loves picking on her little brother and discovering the best filters for her Music.ly videos.

As an entrepreneur herself she has worked to build an online bookstore, a lemonade stand, and crafted coasters made from ceramic tiles for her family at Christmas. She is excited to learn more about social media and is inspired to raise as much trouble as possible. (All in good fun!) Her primary role at Brand Yourself is to provide both emotional and comedic support.

In her spare time she enjoys playing four-square at recess, reading, coloring, and hanging out with her friends. Her passion however is hockey. She loves playing as Wing for her U10 team and can’t wait to get her next hat-trick.

Kelsey - Online Designer
Online Designer

Kelsey Siqveland

Kelsey is a graphic and web designer with over 9 years of experience working with small businesses looking to enhance their brand identity. Her goal is to create aesthetically captivating designs that successfully communicate our clients’ messages and inspire others to reinvent their own brand identity.

With an educational background in advertising and web design, she approaches projects with a marketer’s strategy, coder’s logic and designer’s eye. She caters to each client’s unique situation and moves them in the right direction. Her philosophy has always been no fluff, just great design.

tasha - visual curator
Visual Curator

Tasha Herrgott

Tasha lives in a small town just southwest of the Twin Cities with her hard-working husband and two small children – a little boy who is a compassionate, snuggly, rule-follower and a little girl who is sweet, spunky, and incredibly strong-willed like her mommy. She has recently fulfilled her lifelong dream of purchasing a hobby farm!

Tasha has been a professional photographer for nearly two decades and brings a love for creativity and an eye for art into nearly everything she enjoys (building the “hugest” marble tower with the kids, hanging with friends, boutique shopping, redesigning a room in her thoughts, or cozying up on the couch at the end of the long day to catch up on world events with her husband). She’s excited to be in a position with Brand Yourself where she can introduce her creative thought processes into each custom project.

We’re strategic, we’re social, and we’re ready to help you tell your story.


At Brand Yourself we know that you want to be proud of the brand and business that you’ve created.

If you’re like us (YES, even us), you’ve confused people about what you offer. You’ve likely wondered if there was such a thing as a successful marketing strategy that ACTUALLY brought in customers. We know you want to be confident in the money you’re spending on marketing initiatives. We don’t want you to be frustrated anymore.

In the beginning there was Facebook. And, that’s where our story opens. In a small home office in a little town in the Midwest, Brand Yourself Founder, Tami Enfield began writing and publishing Facebook posts for businesses. Through helping hundred’s of companies, just like yours, Tami has grown her team and has expanded her services.

She has built a team that will help you navigate this wild and everchanging landscape of marketing. We are all here, ready to help.

Stop wasting your money and time. Instead, implement a customized brand and marketing strategy and become a proud and profitable business owner!

Schedule a consultation to get started.

Company Core Values

  1. We take your business seriously, but not ourselves
  2. We put family first
  3. We do the next right thing
  4. We are life-long learners
  5. We carry a spirit of generosity
  6. We have grit
  7. We are grateful