May the Algorithm Force be With You…and Your Facebook Feed

May the Algorithm Force be With You…and Your Facebook Feed

Do you feel like Facebook has changed its algorithm every time you blink? Are you really trying to finetune your social media skills for 2023? We are here to share some essential tips you can immediately implement to make the social media game easier for you, so you can see the results you are looking for.  

If you do not already know, the algorithm is the special sauce in the platform’s background that manages what you have seen in your feed. It determines this through a unique formula that identifies content based on who you interact with the most. So, the accounts you interact with the most are the ones you will see most on your feed. Think about it, you always see posts from your family, but not so much that friend from high school that you never talk to.  

Read on as we share tips to help you identify and create the content that is most beneficial for your ideal customer and who is looking at your feed on Facebook.  


Create content that is meaningful and informative to your ideal audience. For example, if your ideal audience are active individuals living in Minnesota, create content around snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or even ice skating. These activities are things people do in the middle of winter, and it may be precisely what they are searching for right now.  

Ensure your content is accurate and authentic. We talk about this a lot. In the age of fake news, try to avoid it. This is getting increasingly important as people have their fingers up on accuracy. Create content that is authentic, and if you are using another creator’s post as inspiration, make sure you put your own spin on it.  

If you share content from another person’s feed, make sure you know the source of the content and that it is credible information. Look at the person’s page and ensure their values align with your organizations, so people do not question your authenticity because you shared something from a questionable source.  

Do not buy followers, likes, subscribers, engagement, etc. It is not wise to try and trick the algorithm. Why? Because it will figure you out, then put you in Facebook jail. The reality is the accounts you buy are typically bot accounts, and Facebook is super savvy when it comes to identifying if an account is a bot account. What will happen is Facebook will deem your account questionable because you have all these bot account followers, and it will not share your posts and information with other accounts.  

To grow your accounts, be consistent and authentic. Most people do not become overnight sensations. Most people see a gradual increase in followers, engagement, and social sales. It is essential to take the time and do it right because you will create the right audience who will buy your product, listen, and engage with what you have to say.  

Guess what? Social is social, so engage with your audience. Believe it or not, community is the never-ending trend on social media. So, talk with our audience. Show them that your account is run by a real person and have fun with it. Social is supposed to be fun. Get yourself in some Facebook groups that your ideal audience chills in, do some searches on Facebook about things your ideal audience cares about, and connect with people and other brands that align with your audience.  

Follow the people and interact with those who like, share, and comment on your content. Reply to  product reviews and share the good reviews on your feed! The increased activity on your page will help Facebook identify that your account is a goodie and it is what people want to see, which gets your information in front of more people.  

Encourage your audience to engage with each other. Ask questions, ask somebody to tag their best friend on a post that might resonate with them, or you are doing an informative post that offers valuable insight. Throw a CTA (call to action) at the beginning of your post and say something like, “Tag your best friend who is doing this solopreneur stuff on their own, and they’re trying hard to figure it out XYZ.” Tell your audience what you want them to do right away rather than waiting until the end of the post.  

Post Facebook stories. If your Instagram Reels are appropriate for Facebook, do yourself a favor and share them on Facebook. Create and repurpose your content for both platforms so your audiences (Shocker- both platforms have different demographics) see your information. Use engagement stickers in your stories, ask questions, and encourage them to comment on your topic. Create content that resonates with your audience and show them how you solve their problem.  

It is not only about video. We talk a lot about video and its importance but remember the power of a basic post. Posts with images, just text, or a post sharing a link. You do not always have to use audio or video. Regular posts are essential, too, especially posts that have statistics on them. Discuss the statistics in your caption, create a conversation around it, and invite people to join the conversation.  

Encourage your team to engage on your platforms. Your team is the most knowledgeable about your products or services. Create a safe environment and encourage them to engage with your platforms. Your team understands best what your audience and what your customer is looking for. Talk with your team. Ask them to have fun with it, share your stuff, and throw questions in your comments. This will tell the algorithm your information is super important, and then it will be shown to more people.  


As mentioned earlier, the algorithm is constantly changing, but these tips above are some of our staples when creating engaging content. If you are looking for ways to stay up to date on changes and/or identify what marketing and social media you should focus on for your small business, check out the Social Edge Marketing Society. This group is of like-minded business professionals working hard to perfect their marketing game to see instant and lasting growth for their business. Contact us today to learn more! 


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