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The New Social Platform You Can’t Miss Out On

Have you heard of Blab yet? It's a brand-new and smoking hot social media platform. The purpose of Blab is to host live video hangouts that anybody can watch (think Periscope meets Skype). If you're curious about the platform,

Facebook’s BIG Changes For Pages

Facebook Pages has rolled out several changes recently. The changes are designed to improve user-friendliness and aesthetics. The look of your Page has likely been updated with a new layout! If not, here’s a look at what you’re in

7 Tips To Manage A Brewery Opening

Brand Yourself has handled a range social media campaigns and launches. We’ve hosted Instagram contests and Facebook giveaways. We’ve launched Instagram campaigns and branded Twitter profiles. One thing we had never done: seen a client through their official opening. Forager Brewery

13 Best Quotes From The Content Code

The Content Code, a social media marketing book penned by expert Mark Schaefer. As I’ve been reading it, I’ve highlighted and marked up the text. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Chapters 1-4. Creating

How To Post To Instagram

In the quick-paced social world, popular platforms are always growing and changing. Sometimes, the world of social moves even faster than we can. So, we put together a little guid for you on how to post on Instagram. 1. Download

Instagram’s BIG Update

There’s some pretty big news in the world of social today. Instagram has released an update (7.5) that allows users to post photos and videos outside the square constraints. While Instagram was once known for its 1:1 ratio, they cite