Insta Stories for Marketing: 5 Tips to Stay in the Game

Insta Stories for Marketing: 5 Tips to Stay in the Game

Instagram stories are a powerful way for you or your brand to communicate with your existing followers and to introduce yourself to potential followers. By using best practices and the right tools, Instagram stories are a game changer in the marketing strategy for your business. Not sure how to use the instagram story feature? The Verge offers a step by step tutorial to get your started!

Tips for Instagram storiesWhy would you want to use Instagram or “Insta”stories? Studies have shown that a follower will lose interest in about 4 seconds if you don’t grab their attention. Here are 5 tips to use Insta stories for your business that will help grab your followers attention:

  1. Be Relevant – Your followers will want to see content that is relevant to you and what you already post on instagram. Stories are like a little extra treat for those followers, and a great way for new followers to see what you are about without leafing through your feed. Make sure your story is complete, it is best to do a few clips at a time, not just one 15-second clip that isn’t relevant to your niche. It might confuse your audience.
  2. Plan Ahead – Have a big event coming up or product launch? Or a big announcement? You can plan your stories ahead of time by taking advantage of Instagram’s ability to upload any photo or short video from your camera roll. Use an app like Canva to add your own branded font to images or personal flair to images. This will help people tapping through your stories to recognize your brand!Stay relevant and be personable
  3. Be Personal and Approachable –  This is a place for you to talk directly to your audience, it can be as casual or formal as you would like. Make sure to show your face every now and then, people like to see other people. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be you and your brand. If a follower sees something interesting or has a question about your story, it is easy for them to ‘DM’ you, that is the term nowadays for direct messaging, so remember to be responsive. 
  4. Go Behind the Scenes or Live Blog – Promote a big upcoming event or create the story during the event like a live “vlog” (video blog).
  5. Give Incentive – Use the Insta stories to share unique offers or promotion codes that only those who watch the story and see the code will use. You can show sneak peaks of new products that others who may not watch your stories will not see. You can also give demonstrations, tutorials, or how-to’s using your product or service. 

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