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Call-to-Action Strategies that Increase Engagement on Your Posts

Keep your marketing goals in mind when creating social media content! What is it that you genuinely want to accomplish on your social platforms? Critical goals, like more followers, increased business, and more website clicks, are all important, but have

5 Things to Consider When Building Your Personal Brand

How to leverage your personal brand to build your business. Brand Yourself is known for leveraging personal brands to grow businesses. We help businesses show up on social media by bringing YOU into your brand. Personal branding wasn't a term we

5 Tips to drive more traffic to your website

We are in the business of digital marketing. Social media, websites, email newsletters, the Google, all the things. (You're saying, "Duh, Tami. That's why we are here.") In all forms of marketing, you need to be able to measure the results

Open The Front Door Project

The Brand Yourself Team is asking you (yes, YOU) to Open The Front Door. Confused? Don't be. We'll explain. The last few months have been… a lot (and that's an understatement). Businesses large and small have been affected by everything

Navigating Empathetic Marketing

Welcome to our new normal. Every single day, we are bombarded with updates, statistics, and stay-at-home orders. Emotions are running high, and everyone is feeling a little stuck.   This adjustment has been nothing short of difficult, and it's especially tricky to

Creating Your Hashtag Strategy

In the past we've dug into some tips on outwitting social media algorithms to get your posts noticed. Engagement is a science, and it requires attention for it to work to your benefit.Hashtags are funny little things. You've probably seen

Creating Content on a Budget

So, you're ready to up your content, but don't have the budget for all of the fancy, new equipment. Do not fear Brand Yourself is here! While we do have some fancy gadgets, we are also well versed in using

What Should My Company be Posting on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn. The professional network. While many people think they've figured out the more fun and personality-filled social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, LinkedIn seems to be a little more elusive. Do all of your posts need to be dry,

5 Easy Steps to Creating a Social Post!

Creating content can be very fun, but also challenging and time-consuming. At Brand Yourself, we produce our custom stock photos, videos, and copy, which provides our clients with original and unique content. Marketing may be our job, but that doesn't

We Know You Hate Social Media. We Do Too Sometimes!

There is a rumble happening in the social media world right now. People are sick of their phones. They take time away from Facebook and Instagram to reconnect with their loved ones. Tech-free dinners and screen time discussions are all