Call-to-Action Strategies that Increase Engagement on Your Posts

Call-to-Action Strategies that Increase Engagement on Your Posts

Keep your marketing goals in mind when creating social media content! What is it that you genuinely want to accomplish on your social platforms? Critical goals, like more followers, increased business, and more website clicks, are all important, but have you considered a goal of increased engagement?  

Did you know that 82% of Americans on the internet are on social media? That is important because 56% of those people have multiple social media platforms. By consistently engaging on social media, you tell the algorithm that your account is active and popular. If you are receiving good engagement from others, it tells the algorithm that people like to hear the valuable content you are sharing. The result is increased exposure resulting in increased sales.  

Everyone dreams of going viral, but did you know that it is often short-lived? You see a temporary spike in followers, engagement, and shares, and then it dies off, thoroughly confusing the algorithm, and sometimes that can hurt your accounts more than help. The best way to increase engagement is to be consistent. Slow and steady wins the race, my friend. It takes approximately five views for someone to finally read what you have to say, up to ten views for your information and content to become memorable, and up to 20 views for your content to lead to a conversion! 

Read along as I give you ten straightforward ways to use call-to-action strategies in your posts to help increase engagement on your content. 

  1. Post a question. You can do this in captions and ask your audience to comment below, or if the platform allows, do a poll. On Instagram stories, you can use the question box and ask people to answer directly in the story.  
  2. Ask people their opinion or perspective about a situation. This could be something in current events (but be careful that it doesn’t lead to politics) or ask your audience if they prefer “x” versus “y.” Be prepared to hear all sides of the spectrum.  
  3. Use engagement stickers. There are stickers on various platforms that people can engage with to show their support. For example, you can talk in a story on Instagram about something, and at the end of your story, ask people a question and then do a slide sticker to get people to comment. When they do, go a step further and send them a message following up on your question from the story.  
  4. Ask your audience to like and share your post. If you think the information you are posting is relevant and valuable… tell them what to do!  
  5. Ask your audience to tag a friend “who NEEDS to hear” what you have to say. Take it a step further and have them tag three friends!  
  6. Create a contest and have the prize as something your audience will value. But remember to make the enrollment steps easy and quick. “Like and follow” or “like and comment below” are typically safe opt-ins for your audience.  
  7. Use emojis for engagement. Ask your audience to use three emojis to describe their feelings about the caption or content.  
  8. Include a link sticker or a “swipe up” in Instagram stories to a lead generator on your site.  
  9. Create a “like” campaign. Have you heard of this? Run ads on various social platforms encouraging people to like and follow your account. You can then target your ideal audience and pay per like or impression. Remember, keep the ad copy relevant and throw the “like and follow” CTA in the ad to increase your followers.  
  10. Use imagery. While optional on most platforms, social posts with photos or images do much better than just text. When you create your graphic, ensure that it is relevant and interesting to look at, as it will encourage someone to stop and read what you have to say. Also, it is a MUST to have the image on brand. Use your brand fonts and colors on graphics you create, and ALWAYS have your logo somewhere on the graphic or photo.  

With all the strategies above, remember always to use keyword-rich captions. This will ensure the right audience is seeing your content. When you are talking with your ideal customer, and the information is of value, then audience will want to engage with the content.  

We get it; social media is a lot and staying on top of your game is hard work. At Brand Yourself, we are here to help you bring your “A Game” so you can make some serious wins on social! Contact us today if you want to book a consultation and learn more; we are here for you.


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