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We Know You Hate Social Media. We Do Too Sometimes!

We Know You Hate Social Media. We Do Too Sometimes!

There is a rumble happening in the social media world right now. People are sick of their phones. They take time away from Facebook and Instagram to reconnect with their loved ones. Tech-free dinners and screen time discussions are all the rage. I’m in that camp. I like a dinner without TV or iPads or phones, don’t you? From a personal perspective, disconnecting yourself from social media from time to time is necessary for your mental health. This is something I truly, whole-heartedly believe.

From a business standpoint, Facebook is changing their algorithms (all the time) to try to appeal to users with content they like and want to interact with. It is getting harder and harder for brands and businesses to create real, organic engagement. Companies have to continually adapt to these ongoing changes and create new strategies to achieve a lot of the same results they’ve been accustomed to getting. We, as social media strategists, have to work harder and harder at providing an increasing ROI for our clients while our profit margins slowly sink as we take more and more time to create great custom content including videos and documentary style photoshoots. A 15 second video post shared to Facebook and Instagram may only reach 250 people – and what does that do for our clients anyway?!

This has been weighing on me for months. I am passionate about marketing. All kinds of marketing. I want to see my clients and those around me succeed in this noisy, online world. But how? Having a social media presence is as necessary as a website in today’s business climate. You have to meet your customers where they are at when they need you. You have to be consistent and engaging with your posts to create real relationships with potential brand ambassadors.

It’s more important than ever to connect with customers at an emotional level. Think about the last purchase you made. Why did you make it? What was the last Facebook post you “loved” and why? I’m willing to bet it was because you supported it, or agreed, at a deeper level. Maybe it tugged at some heartstrings or championed a cause you support. Maybe you just really want to see your hometown businesses succeed and you’re willing to spend a wee bit more on a book there than you would ordering it off Amazon. At any level – it is becoming more and more difficult and time consuming to create content that resonates at a deeper level for brands.

With all of that being said. What the hell is a social media strategist to do?!

We learn new software. We implement new framework. We add services that we know will benefit our clients and pair well with social media strategy. People don’t buy products based on their external problems; they make purchasing decisions based on their internal problems. We help our clients identify what those problems are and communicate their solutions in a way that engages their followers.

Most companies waste a lot of time and money on marketing. Brand Yourself provides businesses with customized marketing strategies that reflect their brand, continually brings in new clients, and increases their revenue.

If you’re interested in hearing about how PR or BrandScripts could pair well with your business. Schedule a consultation with one of our brand strategists today!



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