5 Tips to drive more traffic to your website

5 Tips to drive more traffic to your website

We are in the business of digital marketing. Social media, websites, email newsletters, the Google, all the things. (You’re saying, “Duh, Tami. That’s why we are here.”)

In all forms of marketing, you need to be able to measure the results of what you are focusing your efforts (and dollars) on. For a lot of our clients, we measure how much traffic we direct to their website using multiple platforms.

Below are 5 ways to drive traffic to your website:

1. SEO: Of course, we are going to start with Search Engine Optimization! The most common mistake people make when uploading photos and information to their website is when they don’t add alt-image text or meta tag descriptions to the back end of the website. This information is what tells Google all about your site and if they should serve it up to their clients. If you’ve built your own website, you’ve seen these terms on the backend of the website. Most website builders leave these 2 areas front and center. Hop in there and add some information to help Google determine what the heck it is looking at or searching for.

If you have zero clue as to what I’m talking about — ask your web developer about it. There are tools like Ahrefs and Google Search Console that will tell you all the things wrong with your website. I promise there are people out there who can help you!

SEO can also be influenced by content. This is what our agency focuses on more than anything. We gear the majority of our blog content towards popular search terms that your clients may be searching for. We concentrate on providing answers to your customer’s problems — this builds trust and positions your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

2. Social media (organic): Paired with a great content strategy, social media can direct a ton of traffic to your website. Posting quotes from blogs, posting an infographic illustrating a statistic, providing answers to popular questions, and telling readers to visit your website for more details — all of these are examples of how you can send people from Facebook to your website and encourage a sale.

When implementing a social media strategy, it is important to outline WHAT you want to be talking about and set a reasonable goal for how often you can post. Content may be the King of the internet, but consistency is definitely its Queen. Staying consistent is the way to win organic social media traffic.

3. Social media (paid): You have to pay to play. That has been the rule for a few years now. Give the algorithm a little cash and it will reward you by showing your content to more people. The most successful “click” is to send users to a landing page specific to the product or service you are trying to sell them. Don’t send people to your home page unless the goal of the ad is just general brand awareness. If you want them to pay attention or download a lead generator so you can collect their email address, you have to make it as easy as possible. Paid media can be very successful if done right!

4. Email: Getting yourself into your customer’s inbox is by far the most successful form of digital marketing. It continues to be the route most marketers are putting efforts towards year after year. Your email list is owned by YOU. Your Facebook likes are owned by Facebook. If you aren’t sharing information and important links to your website using email automation, you’re missing out. (We, here at BY, are finally picking up our game. You know, the whole Cobbler’s shoe thing…)

5. Outreach: Those of us in the industry for a while called this PR (Public Relations.) If you can get yourself mentioned on a “gift list” or a “best of” article, you’re golden. You can influence media placement by putting together a media kit and begin to pitch podcasts you could be a guest on, write guest articles for a bigger website, join a panel of experts and share ideas, co-host a Facebook Live with a strategic partner…. I could go on and on with ideas on how to earn yourself some media. If you want to brainstorm some additional tactics, feel free to book some time on my calendar. Brainstorming this type of marketing strategy is literally my favorite thing to do.

You may have read these 5 tips and rolled your eyes. Some of it may seem basic. There may be some of you that think, “I can handle maybe one of these. Max.” No matter where you are in either knowledge or time, as long as you are keeping your website as the end goal of the majority of your digital campaigns, you are on the right track.

Also, I meant it when I said that you could book some time with me. I’d LOVE to chat with you about this and more! The first one is free! Book your time today!

In the meantime, be well my friends,



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