Why You Should Consider Your Current Social Media Followers

Why You Should Consider Your Current Social Media Followers

When was the last time you ‘liked’ a business page on Facebook not knowing ANYTHING about the company or having experienced their brand/product for yourself? Probably NEVER (unless your friend just started up a business and you felt obligated to support her). You ‘like’ a page on Facebook or start following a brand on Twitter because:

  • You support that brand or product
  • You want to share it with your friends
  • You want to received details on new products or sales
  • You want to learn more about it
  • You just LOVE them that much!


So many people and businesses I talk with, solely want to use social media to boost their sales – they want to increase business by implementing a social media campaign. And while, yes, this can and will happen (if you do it right), I want everyone to start to think a bit differently. Consider the fact – 84% of your fanbase on Facebook are current or former customers (this statistic was taken from the 2013 Social Media Success Summit during Jay Baer’s Keynote session).

Social media is about loyalty and retention.

Customers will advertise for you!

You current and former customers become FREE advertising for you when they support your brand on Facebook. They start to interact with your posts (causing more people that you are not already connected to see them) and share information or offers with their friends because it is easy for them to so.

Expand your reach!

And what about your employees?? I hear of so many businesses blocking Facebook and other social networks in the workplace because they fear it will bring down productivity. Have you considered the fact that the average Facebook user has 130 friends (source of this statistic: http://www.statisticbrain.com/facebook-statistics/). If you have 20 employees that means you have the possibility of reaching over 2,600 people by allowing your employees to interact with your brand page and ‘share’ that information with their friends.

Interact with your customer!

Running a good social media campaign can also position your company as one that listens and responds to customers by replying to customer inquiry’s or complaints – IN A TIMELY MANNER. You can create your own opportunities by listening to conversations or by measuring the engagement of your posts to learn more of what your fanbase is excited about.

The possibilities are endless – make sure you are launching a social media campaign for the right reasons!!! Listen, educate and encourage your current, former and future customers! Happy posting!


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