Welcome, Tasha Herrgott to the Brand Yourself team!

Welcome, Tasha Herrgott to the Brand Yourself team!

2017 is already set to be a year of great growth for Brand Yourself. In addition to becoming a Hubspot Partner Agency, we are also growing our team!

Brand Yourself Consulting is proud to announce that we are bringing Tasha Herrgott onto our team. A born and bred creative, Tasha offers a unique design and strategy perspective that we know will launch our clients into a successful 2017 as well.

2016.Herrgott.0372For the past 16 years, Tasha has worked as a professional photographer. She started in photography when she took a black and white film photography class in college. At the time, she signed up for the course to fulfill a pesky art credit. However, she soon discovered she is far more creative than she originally assumed; all she needed was to find the right outlet for that creativity!

“I loved the class, and my professor made a comment about an image that I took ‘That’s really incredible; I wish I would have taken that.’ Photography turned into a hobby, and a lot of people tell you that hobbies will turn into careers if you let them. My first client was in 2000, and is still a client to this day.”

Tasha’s photography career started in family portraits and weddings, and in the past couple years, ventured more into birth photography and documentary-type portraits. As Tasha puts it: “Story-telling is totally my jam.”

As the photography industry has grown and changed in recent years, Tasha chose to grow and change herself as well. She brings nearly two decades of photography and artistic experience to the Brand Yourself team, where she will help creatives like herself to design beautiful, effective marketing campaigns.

Tasha can’t wait to use her long-time creative brain to impact and generate sales for Brand Yourself’s (current and future) clients. “I want to help professionals–in an industry that I know and love–to showcase their unique talents and grow their businesses.”

Tasha and Tami have been friends for many years, and have gotten to know each other better as professionals in the past ten. “Tami has been a big support for me and my career for a very long time.”

Tasha’s family also means the world to her. She’s been married for 12 years, and is the mother of two small children – a little boy who is a “sweet, snuggly, rule-follower” and his younger sister, whom Tasha describes as “loving, spunky, and incredibly strong-willed.”

Tasha joining the Brand Yourself team is an exciting step forward for all of us – we can’t wait for you all to meet her!

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Photo Credit: Alison Lea Photography


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