Upcoming Social Media Workshop

Upcoming Social Media Workshop

We are hosting a social media workshop on April 19th in Northfield, MN. We will cover five major platforms and what you can do to increase engagement, SEO and business through these platforms, as well as, how Facebook and Instagram Ads are highly beneficial to business. We hope you can join us!

Here are some things that others have said about this workshop

“Ever wonder how social media works? When people are looking at your posts and why certain posts get more views? Tasha Herrgott with Brand Yourself Consulting is hosting a workshop.  If you have your own business, are selling things like Norwex and Lula Roe, this is ABSOLUTELY worth your time to attend. In one day, you’ll learn way to increase business and understand who you should target and HOW to do it! After spending a half day with Tasha Herrgott and her team, I had dozens of valuable ways to move forward and get ahead using social media. Tasha is knowledgable, friendly and she KNOWS business. She is a successful small business owner with a passion for helping others grow their business. I can not recommend her and this class enough!” – Alison Geier, www.alisonleaphoto.com

“I had the opportunity to attend this workshop today and as a small business owner I left feeling armed with new knowledge and all kinds of inspired! Did you know that with Facebook’s algorithms there are better times and days of the week to post to social media than others? If you use social media for any kind of marketing, whether you’re the owner of a corporation or a LuLaRoe Consultant, the information you learn here is invaluable! There is so much to social media that I had no idea about and I considered myself pretty savvy. My good friend Tasha Herrgott is teaching the workshop at Brand Yourself Consulting and she does an amazing job with a lot of information. I highly recommend booking a one on one session after the workshop. You’ll receive personal instruction tailored to your specific business. The one on one spaces are limited so don’t miss out! Brand Yourself offers every level of service from website design to running ad campaigns, I highly recommend them if you are in the market to take your business to the next level.” Olivia Wagner, www.oliviawagnerphoto.com

“Yesterday I got to attend this class on Social Media Marketing put on by Tasha Herrgott of Brand Yourself Consulting. Today I am brimming with ideas on how to improve my social media marketing efforts. Because of what I learned, I am going to be able to spend LESS time and reach a more targeted audience. Who doesn’t want that? They are holding another class in a couple of weeks – so hurry and sign up! You won’t regret it!” Shelley Paulson, www.shelleypaulson.com

“There is a class that I went to a couple of weeks ago that was FANTASTIC! It was put on by one of my wonderful girlfriends. Brand Yourself Consulting can help you with any sort of social media marketing needs. However, they are hosting another workshop in April and I would HIGHLY recommend it, its worth every dollar. Going to a class like this is crucial if you want to learn more about what you should and shouldn’t do on social media for your business.” Noelle Nielsen, Bright Birch Group

Space is limited so register today! Social Media: All the Things You Wish You Knew


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