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How To Market Your Beer’s Special Release

When someone has a baby, there is a lot of hype around it. As there should be! You see birth announcements, baptisms, Facebook albums, the whole nine yards. So, if your brew is like a baby to you, you should

How To Find Your Brewery’s Unfair Marketing Advantage

In a country with over 4,000 craft breweries and too many flannel/beard combos, you are going to need something more to your story. Something that can't be duplicated, that draws the masses to your brewery, something different. What you

Social Media New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

  Every new year gives you the opportunity to start fresh. A clean slate. An blinking cursor. 2016 can be the year of you. You can grow your business, increase brand awareness, and engage with your customers. All you

Social Media – Review of 2015, Predictions for 2016

The last days of every calendar year are often ones of reflection. We look back on how our world has changed, and we look forward to how it will continue to evolve.  In particular, we're interested in learning about

What Tami is Thankful For – Thanksgiving 2015

2015 has been a pivotal year for Brand Yourself. We brought on a full-time team member. Grew our business and have been able to work on some really, really fun campaigns with clients. So, it feels right to start this

What Katelyn Is Thankful For – Thanksgiving 2015

2015 has been a pretty big year for me. Both of my siblings got engaged, my nephew learned to walk and talk, I graduated from college, Brand Yourself hired me, I lost two family members, I made new friends, I

10 Expert Tips On How To Market Your Event

Planning an event for your business can be stressful and confusing. We have put together a brief guide to managing a successful event. This can serve as a launching pad for you and your team! What else would you add

What the $@*% has Tami been up to??!!

I feel like a new woman. School is back in session - my kiddos are running happily around while in someone else’s care. Everyone (including my teacher BFF’s) are back on a normal routine. It’s not quite so damn hot

One Thing Your Craft Brewery Can’t Market Without

Entrepreneur recently published an article about the spirit of collaboration in the craft beer industry. They explain that, acting in their own best interest, craft beer experts have long worked together. While this is an interesting phenomenon, it brings to