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Facebook Live For Your Business

You've probably heard about it, or at least  you have seen a notification pop up--Facebook Live is kicking butt. What is Facebook Live? Here's the story from Facebook themselves, circa January 2016: In December, we started testing the ability for

Brand Yourself Featured In New Business Minnesota

In case you hadn't heard, Brand Yourself's Founder & CEO, Tami Enfield, was recently featured in a local publication, New Business Minnesota. New Business Minnesota is a unique publication designed to help providers of essential business services reach small

Katelyn’s First Anniversary!

For someone whose adult career is one year old, a work anniversary is kind of a big deal. My journey with Brand Yourself started a while back, when I worked as an intern at a coworking site. When Tami

Craft Brewers Conference 2016 — Hello, Philadelphia!

“Holy shit you guys! I’ve been thinking about what to say since December 3rd….” That’s how I opened my first ever Craft Brewers Conference presentation. Actually, my first presentation to an international audience. I think it captured everyone’s attention and

Social Media Spring Cleaning Checklist

Does Spring have you itching for some change? Us, too. We want to make it easy to give your social media presence a facelift. With three tips, you can transform how your brand leverages a social media platform. [Tweet "Spring

Craft Brewers Conference 2016

In case you hadn't heard, the Brand Yourself team is really into beer. With 17 years of combined drinking experience, you might even call us experts. Well, that, and the fact that we are passionate about our clients in the beer

Social Media Post Inspiration

Creating content on a consistent basis can get challenging. Everyone needs inspiration to keep their page entertaining and to engage their audiences. Brand Yourself works with many different types of businesses - from craft beer distributors to printing companies.

Marketing A Special Beer Release With Your Distributor

Born in a garage, bred in a brewhouse, shared with the world. Your beer's story is personal, we get it. But when your craft brewery begins to distribute, your story becomes quite public. How will you tell your story when

Brewery Pre-Opening Marketing Checklist

After countless sleepless nights, negotiations with contractors, and minute recipe alterations, you've arrived. It's really here. It's nearly time to open your brewery. Holy sh*t. [Tweet "It's nearly time to open your brewery. Holy sh*t."] One of the most