How To Use Twitter Lists To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

How To Use Twitter Lists To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

As we all know, Twitter is a growing social media platform, especially in the Millennial crowd. If you aim for a successful and robust social media campaign, you need to take advantage of all Twitter has to offer. Twitter lists are a valuable social media marketing tool that aren’t out of your comfort zone.

How to create a Twitter list

This is obviously step on in the game. Twitter offers a specific tutorial. If you’re just setting up your twitter, check out our screencast.

Connect with industry experts

If you’re running a Twitter account for a business or brand, you need to share a mix of content: Your own content (text, links, photos, and videos) as well as other people’s content. An easy way to share other people’s content is to create twitter lists.

Sharing your employees’ tweets

If your employees are active on Twitter, make a list of them so consumers can stay up-to-date via their feeds as well. A great example of this is for breweries. The beer industry is quite active on Twitter, so your brewers should have their own accounts. Followers can subscribe to your list, and it’s easy for you to check in on what your brewers tweeting so you can retweet it as the business.

Becoming an industry expert

Create lists of accounts you’d recommend following. Show your users that you’re their go-to expert for industry news.

Monitor competitors. These are the lists you may want to keep private, but they are a useful tool to check in with all your competitors in one place.

Stay on top of trends. When you create a list and check in with it regularly, you will notice trends sooner rather than later and be able to leverage them.

Sharing information you’re passionate about

This is also a good way to stay connected with strategic partners whose goals, products, or content are relevant to your business.

Stay connected

Create Twitter lists for groups of people you’ve encountered. Members of the same organization, attendees of a conference you attended, or even clients. Depending on the nature of these lists, you may want to keep them private.

Updating your Twitter lists

Twitter is not a tool you can build and let sit. You have to spend time updating your lists and engaging with them if you want to stay relevant.

Subscribing to lists

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! Seek out other industry leaders, businesses, or organizations who might have created lists already. You can subscribe to them and get a lot of the same benefits without doing any of the work of building your own. This is a great tool for when you’re just starting out on Twitter.


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