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Today, I am Grateful for CHOICE

It’s the number one lesson my dad taught me. You will always have a choice. Choice is something that can never be taken away from you. You have the choice on how you react to something. You have the choice

Gratitude and Grief

Gratitude then grief. Grief then gratitude. Which comes before the other? It seems these days the scales tip depending on the wind. 2017 has been a year of both for me.  Grief AND gratitude. Every year around Thanksgiving I write

Finding My WHY Through Grief

2017 started out as a year of great change for me, my family, and my business. On January 16th, while sitting in my office at Brand Yourself, I received the phone call that my dad had died. He fell in

Full of Gratitude for 2016

This time of year always brings out a kindness in everyone. Soft twinkling lights, big comfy blankets, the magic of the season held in every child’s eyes -- these all create a certain stillness in us and a moment to

Craft Brewers Conference 2016 — Hello, Philadelphia!

“Holy shit you guys! I’ve been thinking about what to say since December 3rd….” That’s how I opened my first ever Craft Brewers Conference presentation. Actually, my first presentation to an international audience. I think it captured everyone’s attention and

What Tami is Thankful For – Thanksgiving 2015

2015 has been a pivotal year for Brand Yourself. We brought on a full-time team member. Grew our business and have been able to work on some really, really fun campaigns with clients. So, it feels right to start this

What the $@*% has Tami been up to??!!

I feel like a new woman. School is back in session - my kiddos are running happily around while in someone else’s care. Everyone (including my teacher BFF’s) are back on a normal routine. It’s not quite so damn hot

It Takes Courage to be Vulnerable

It takes courage to be vulnerable. As an entrepreneur (and as a human) this has been the MOST difficult part of owning my own business. You think you can’t show weakness! But as a business owner, you hear it all the

Addison’s Thankful List

I asked Addison (my 7-year old daughter) if I could hire her to write a blog post for Brand Yourself about what she was thankful for. Here is her 2014 list - in her own words! Easton