Full of Gratitude for 2016

Full of Gratitude for 2016

This time of year always brings out a kindness in everyone. Soft twinkling lights, big comfy blankets, the magic of the season held in every child’s eyes — these all create a certain stillness in us and a moment to catch our breath.

I try to practice gratitude all year. I constantly remind myself what it is in my life that makes me feel so lucky. I have gratitude lists in my journal. I encourage others (especially my 9 year old) to make lists of everything they are grateful for, too.

It is this time of year, however, that I give myself permission to be public about it. 2016 has been a year of big growth both for Brand Yourself, and for me personally. So in trying to wrap up what I’m MOST thankful for — here it goes:

  • Blue Inc. I have a space just for Brand Yourself! I am surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs that motivate me! Yay to productivity!
  • Good lawyers. (I’m not sure this one needs an explanation!)
  • Travel. I have been able to travel to two cities for work (Philadelphia and Boston) and one for pleasure (San Diego). My trips out east were for professional development. I spoke at the Craft Brewers Conference in May in PA and attended Inbound in Boston to learn about all things Hubspot in November. San Diego was a bucket list trip with the kids and hubby, we had a wonderful week playing on the beach and drinking good beer.
  • White Space. By this I mean time to think. Time to create. Time to read. I’ve been working on creating this space for myself (I’ve been semi-successful).
  • Books. I love books so much.
  • My peeps. My hubby and kids mean more than I can possibly put into words. My family, and my friends — only they can put up with my special kind of crazy.
  • Good conversation. There are some people that are just fun to talk to and I have a few of those individuals in my life. I can’t wait for the next coffee (or beer) date.
  • Meditation. I’m working at creating a consistent meditation practice to quiet my monkey mind. My brain sure thanks me when I make it happen, let me tell ya.
  • My clients. I don’t think anyone has better people to work for than I do. (There are some that I would probably work for free for but shhh, don’t tell them.)
  • A nice camera lens. I love taking good photos and it is the right tools that allow me to do so.
  • My team. We are small but mighty over here at Brand Yourself headquarters. I have some really smart, talented, amazing peeps to work with and know that I couldn’t do all that we do all by myself!

Okay — I think I’ve covered most of it. What are you most grateful for? Feel free to share with me in the comments below! Cheers to another year of gratitude!


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