Katelyn Goes to Work

Katelyn Goes to Work

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A list of a few things I have done in the past 24 hours: said goodbye to my first home away from home (Um Ya Ya!); cuddled my dog after moving back to my parents’ house; ate Falafel King at 9pm; assembled a massive Ikea entertainment center without directions, watched it collapse on itself, and reassembled it. On top of that whirlwind of emotions and unpacking, I also happened to start my first big kid job. I’m not sure if this quite makes me an adult, but at least I’m a big kid…right?

Technically, this isn’t “Day One” on the job. I started working for Tami a couple years ago, doing projects as a Hired Hands intern through SPUR Coworking at the Northfield Enterprise Center. She later hired me on part time while her business was booming. Finally, I get to come on full time as an official Brand Yourself employee. One of my favorite parts is that I am working out of SPUR with her, which makes this a fulfilling full-circle experience.

I’m excited to finally devote myself full time to Brand Yourself, our clients, and our future. With BY’s success and recent growth, I know that I have a lot to look forward to in terms of professional satisfaction. Not many recent college graduates get to collaborate with their bosses daily, and I am so grateful for the unique experience BY will provide to me.

If you know Tami, you are fully aware how much she loves to read. You’ll also know that she is a generous and thoughtful person. So, of course, she gave me the gift of great literature (The Happiness Project and The Gifts of Imperfection) as a graduation/first day of work gift. She refers to the works as “the two books that changed my life.” Naturally, I am eager to start reading them when I’m not busy blogging, Instagramming, or tweeting.

If you’ve made it this far into the blog, you’re probably pretty interested in Brand Yourself and our big changes. To keep up with all news related to Maven Katelyn (AKA me), check out Brand Yourself on Facebook to follow my first month at my first big kid job. It’s going to be a whirlwind–look out, world!


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