How to Save Time by Batching Content

How to Save Time by Batching Content

What Does Batching Content Mean?

Are you a master batcher? Ahem. What we mean is, are you a boss at batching your content?

Batching your content is when you set aside time to do a bunch of one thing at one time. Rather than multi-tasking and switching from one task to another, batching lets you be more productive when you are in the flow. Not only does batching save you time, but it also means you can create the content, schedule it, and focus on those other things you’ve been wanting to do until it’s time to batch again. You can batch weekly, monthly, quarterly, whatever works for YOU and YOUR business.

We love batching because it helps you save time on things like social media and blog writing. When you batch your content, you will walk (or hop, skip jump) aware knowing your content is ready and you can spend your time and attention on other things.

Now remember, batching doesn’t replace engagement and interaction. It is important to still schedule time for that to so you and your brand are seen as authentic.

Trust us, we get it. It can be REALLY hard to get into the zone to craft great content, and that is why batching is awesome! When you are in the flow, it allows you to create your best content all at one time because it is a lot easier to keep going than to stop and start again another time. You never know when you might get busy or have a snow day (or five in a row).

Getting starting batching your content is easy and allows you to be effective without spending all your energy creating content, here is our process for social media content batching:

  • Brain dump what you want to talk about
  • Create your content plan outline
  • Draft your content
  • Get your sh*t together like graphics, links, articles, blogs
  • Complete your editorial calendar
  • Schedule content in bulk with programs like Hootsuite, MeetEdgar, HubSpot, or others

These scheduling programs really make batching a breeze by streamlining your content sharing! Choose your date and times for each post, and they will be automatically added to your queue and sent out based on the schedule you put in place. If you change your mind, don’t worry, you can always go in and adjust them.

For blogs, if you are in the flow, keep writing and schedule out your blogs to publish at later dates. You can still use those URL’s to schedule your social media posts about the blogs as long as those posts are scheduled to post AFTER the blogs are live.

Batching lets you build off the power of momentum and get done while you are in the flow. Work smarter, not harder. By automating your content you will be a lot more efficient and creative. Trust us, we are the masters of automating. Now go ‘batch sh*t’ crazy!





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