How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

One of the most frequently asked questions we answer is: How often should I post to my business’s social networks? The answer differs a bit for each network, as they are unique marketing channels for your business. We’ll go over how often you should post to these social media sites and what is appropriate to post on each individual network.

Facebook doesn’t require you to post more than 1-2 times a day, 10 posts a week. In fact, posting to much during the week can be overwhelming for your fans. You also don’t want to appear too aggressive for a sale or constantly shoving deals down your audience’s throats. Fans like your page because they like your brand, and it’s message. If you’re busy, aim to write at least one post a day and post consistently. Concrete on creating high-quality genuine or informative content for your audience. Focus on keeping your posts industry-relevant. One phenomenal post is better than three irrelevant posts.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a platform for fast-paced conversations. You want to post at the very least 2 times a day, 14 posts a week. Ideally, you’ll want to post on Twitter four times a day. The more you post, the less likely your updates will be lost in the feed. Try to keep the content industry-relevant and interesting for your followers. You can even retweet others and post more curated content on this platform.

Google+ works much like Facebook. You should be posting on this network at least 1-2 times a day, 10 posts a week. Again, you don’t want to post a lot of content. Do not exceed 2 posts per day. When creating posts for Google+, try to include searchable keywords and phrases. This will help increase your business’s ranking in the Google search engine.

LinkedIn is a very formal and professional social media platform. You only need to post once daily. You don’t want your business or personal profile to dominate the newsfeed. Focus on posting industry-relevant curated and original content. You shouldn’t post anything that would be considered unprofessional on this network, this includes funny pictures and casual posts. You should save those for your less formal networks.

Have questions about how frequently you should be posting a different social media site? Ask in the comments below!


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