Benefits Of Branding Your Beer Portfolio

Benefits Of Branding Your Beer Portfolio

Hey, beer distributors, this one’s for you.

While your family and friends joke that you drink beer all day at work, we know you spend a lot of time growing your business. From hiring the right sales people, to achieving efficiency with your warehouse team, your work as a beer distributor never ends. At the end of the day, your main goal is to sell beer, and that means taking every related task head on.

What if there was a tool to make your job easier?

What if you didn’t have to rebuild every account relationship, sales training, and brewery partnership? What if people just knew who you were? This could be your reality. We call it a branded portfolio.

What does a branded portfolio look like?

Beer Distributor Branded PortfolioA beer distributor with a successfully branded portfolio is well-known by accounts in their region, and has a good reputation with established and and new brewery partners. Accounts are familiar with the distributor’s brands, and breweries are confident that their brand will be accurately and successfully marketed to both accounts and consumers. Consumers know who distributes their favorite beer to the local bar or liquor store, and follows their distributor for updates on which beers are coming to their area.

A branded portfolio is well-known, easily understood, and a trusted expert.

Why brand your portfolio?

It’s a case of working smarter, not harder. You can finally stop reinventing the wheel Beer Distributor Branded Porftolio(aka your brand) with each new brewery, account, and salesperson. Instead, build your brand once as a story that is simple and easy to share over and over.

A well-branded portfolio makes it easy for potential accounts and breweries to choose you as their one-stop shop for beer, sales, and marketing. The best part? You don’t have to change the way you run your business; you just have to make it easier for the outside world to understand what you do.

How do you start?

Rebuilding your customers’ perception of your brand can seem like a daunting task. While the effort requires long-term dedication, it can start with just a few simple tasks.

Review your brand.

Take a good look at your current brand. What is public perception of your business? Your portfolio? Consider this from the perspective of all your partners and customers, from brewery representatives to municipal liquor store owners.

Then, ask your own team what their perceptions of your brand and portfolio are. This is important to note because the story they perceive is the story they transmit when they’re in the field.

Document your brand.

Now that you have a better idea of the perception of your brand, start defining how you want that perception to change (or stay the same). Setting these goals will help you identify concrete steps to achieve them.

Start communicating internally.

Keep your team on the same page regarding your brand’s portfolio. This might mean you work together to identify verbiage that communicates your brand message, you get the marketing team and management together weekly, or you create a system for salespeople to share news and updates with accounts.

This is just the beginning.

Getting your team on track to brand your portfolio is just the first step in building a strong message across all customer segments and platforms. These steps are foundational in growing a strong, far-reaching brand. Remember, maintaining a strong brand requires ongoing attention and flexibility as your market changes over time.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Finding the right team to share your brand’s story is key to ensuring your efforts get off the ground and launched to the public. If you’re ready to take the first step, contact us today.


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