4 Ways to Improve Your Ad Targeting

4 Ways to Improve Your Ad Targeting

Advertising with Facebook (who also owns Instagram!) allows you to easily connect with your target audience. Whether you are trying to bring new leads into your sales funnel or convert current leads into customers, being able to reach these people in the right place and at the right time greatly increases your chances of success!

But how do you make sure your ad is leaving an impression on the RIGHT people? Facebook allows you to set your target audience by location, demographic, behavior, interest…the list goes on and on! Honing in on the correct mix is intimidating, but 100% doable!

Here are 4 ways to help improve your current Facebook ad targeting strategy:

1. Set Up FB’s Pixel to Retarget Website Visitors

Have you ever felt like FB is reading your mind? You were just on the hunt for the perfect water bottle and now you’re seeing ad after ad for water bottles! This is all thanks to FB’s pixel. You can easily place one on your website and utilize it to target people who have visited specific pages or who have/have not made a purchase.

2. Utilize Your Current List to Make Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences are a great way to reach new leads that look exactly like your customers. By uploading your current email list, FB is able to easily find people who have similar demographics and interests.

3. Serve Your Ad to Engaged Followers

If people are already engaging with you on social media, odds are they’re interested! Try targeting those who have watched your videos, liked a photo on FB or Instagram, or who have RSVPed to one of your events.

4. Be Specific With Your Demographics

The more specific you can be with your ad’s demographics, the better! A great way to understand your current audience is by utilizing FB’s Audience Insights. Audience Insights will tell you all you could ever hope to know about your followers, including job titles, other pages they like, relationship status and more! 

While perfecting ad targeting is critical, the most important thing to remember is your ad’s end goal. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, your target audience will change greatly.


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