Reach More People With Your Facebook Content

Reach More People With Your Facebook Content

You can relate: you’ve spent a ton of time writing a killer blog post. You’ve included great quotes and unique perspectives. You’ve pulled together all the appropriate images (you’ve maybe even taken some of your own). It’s search engine optimized, jam-packed with keywords. It is really, really freaking beautiful.

Then you post it to Facebook at 2:00 on a Monday afternoon and wait for the flood of comments that you’re sure will make this post viral. And you keep waiting…and waiting.

Hmmm. On to the next one! You have another great idea for a mind-blowing blog post.

But wait. That blog post was worth reading. You should  be able to reach your target audience with it. To put it simply, you don’t want to keep writing quality posts that don’t get read.

But how?

I’m going to use a blog post we wrote for our client, College City Beverage, as an example of how you can expand your reach and post the same blog post multiple times to Facebook.

First — let me set the tone of the blog post. We interviewed Damian McConn, Summit Brewing Company’s head brewer, in an attempt to learn more about him and the Summit brand. This blog was part of a year-long series we did for College City Beverage highlighting some of their many brand partners. It is a really great blog post. It took time to construct and we want to make sure a lot of people see it! If you’re interested in reading the entire article, click here —> Summit Brewery Article

Here are some ideas on how to create different posts out of the same content:


Post a couple of links to the blog with captions that get to the meat of what the post is about. You don’t want to post these on the same day, but within the same week or two is completely appropriate. If you consider that only 3% of your fanbase is served organic content you can probably bet that they won’t see both posts.

Summit Brewery - Post 1  
Summit Brewery - Post 2


Pull quotes out of the blog and overlay them onto a branded image — with of course, a link to your website or the original post.

Summit Brewery -- Post 3


Upload come custom video that ties into the blog. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering or even necessarily professional but a quick Boomerang video or Hyperlapse would encourage engagement. You can also consider getting a quote or two on film from a person relevant to your post.


While we don’t recommend posting the exact same prompts to all of your social media platforms, you can reach an expanded audience by posting links to Twitter or Google+. Videos and branded images are great for Instagram, too.

Seek New Ideas

If you’re looking for ways to breath some fresh air into your Facebook campaign you should not only consider these tips, but make sure to download our “How to Create the Perfect Facebook Campaign Checklist” — you can sign up for it and get it delivered right to your inbox by visiting this page: —->> FREE FACEBOOK CHECKLIST


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