Project Manager’s First Project

Project Manager’s First Project

Brand Yourself Business Cards

Maven Katelyn here. I’ve been working for Brand Yourself full-time for about three weeks. Before I started full-time, I got a taste of what my job would be by taking on my own projects. So, before I was even an official project manager, I got my first project of re-designing Brand Yourself’s business cards.

I connected with the print company, sent emails back and forth with designers, and approved the final proof. Creating my own (and very first) business card was a learning process that prepared me to take on client projects with confidence and independence. It also served as a model for communication between Tami and me going forward.

Before me, Tami had never hired an official full-time employee. She has employed contractors for specific jobs before, but never an in-the-same-office, real-life employee. So, hiring me meant it was time for the two of us to get some job titles. We brainstormed a handful professional titles, but the ones that truly stuck with us were our ironic titles. Rather than forcing ourselves to accept a professional or playful identity, we made two business cards. One for serious client meetings, another for after-hours network events with peers.

My first big project turned out to be a fun one. It was a chance to learn, to communicate, and to decide who I was going to be within Brand Yourself.

Thanks to our friends at Engage Print for their great work!


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