Photography at Brand Yourself

Photography at Brand Yourself

Since my days as a high school yearbook writer and editor, I have been intrigued by photography. My hobby started small and humble (it is still that way today, so I really mean “smaller and humbler”), and grew until I eventually purchased my own DSLR camera and started getting paid to photograph portraits and events.

Lucky for me, this hobby became a part of my full-time job. These are just a few of the photographs I’ve taken:

  1. Website updates
  2. Progress reports
  3. Brochure material
  4. Product photos
  5. Tradeshow
  6. Employees at work
  7. Company event
  8. Portraits for a website

Providing original, high-quality photos for our clients is a service unique to Brand Yourself. We believe that there is something to be said for beautiful original content. While stock photos have their place, we believe that telling a client’s story also requires authentic images.

Naturally, my photographer boss took pictures of me taking these photos. Feel free to amuse yourself with this gallery of me running across streets and lying on the ground.


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