Social Media Strategy

A couple dozen pages of everything you need to run any social media account you set your mind to–customized to your business.

A strategy guide is a comprehensive look at your social media and some best practices to get you started. We give you the lay of the land with an industry report, then we’ll break down exactly what your competition is up to. We follow up with a custom strategy for each social media platform, details post types, times to post, who to target in your ads, and general content inspiration.




Social Media Management

We write it, upload it, and report on it. You don’t have to think twice.

Maybe you’re sick of coming up with new hashtags, or perhaps you’ve never targeted an ad on Facebook. We’ll meet you where your content needs are at. We will plan, write, and share social media posts that will help you reach your marketing goals.

Sometimes that means we’re uploading a post a day to all your social media accounts, sometimes we’re running a handful of ads each month.




Custom Content


From 140 characters to a three-page newsletter cover story. Best for the folks who downloaded free English papers from the internet in high school.

If you’re not sure whether you write good or write well–or you don’t care to learn the difference, you might be in the market for some custom content. We write blogs, website copy, brochures, press releases, and lots of hashtags. Pricing changes depending on the project, but our enthusiasm for great storytelling doesn’t.