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Communication Plans

We often get asked about the anatomy of a campaign. What do we consider a campaign? How do you design one? What should it include? Our communications plan takes your company’s announcement (maybe it’s a new product or service you’ve developed, maybe it’s an award you’ve won, maybe you’ve rebranded) and strategically pull together a campaign surrounding one controlling idea leveraging as many platforms as we can.

Most communication plans include:

  • A key talking points worksheet for you to share with stakeholders and your team. This allows everyone to communicate the same points.
  • A press release
  • 1-3 emails
  • A blog post
  • Social media posts

This communication plan ensures that you are understood, interesting and able to inspire change. (Doesn’t that make you sound cool?) If you don’t have any campaigns going and want to talk through some ideas, schedule a consultation today. We promise, you are more interesting than you think.

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