Brand Audit

You got a new logo five years ago, but the file is buried somewhere in DropBox, and your letterhead hasn’t seen the light of day since shoulder pads were still cool. Yeah, maybe you’re due for a serious check-up. Our expert evaluation is just what the doctor ordered.

Your brand audit is a 360° evaluation of how your brand appears online and in print. From your visual logo to your website’s user friendliness, we will analyze and report on the story your brand tells. We’ll deliver it to you in a handy-dandy checklist, so you can get to (better) work.





Logos, business cards, style guides, the whole nine yards. Not the kind of brand you put on a cow’s butt, but we’re not saying you can’t.

For as much as people like to talk, they’re not always good at talking about themselves. That’s where we come in. After 3 hours of chatting, brainstorming, and lightbulbs going off, we shake hands and walk away. We’ll send you a detailed report of the meeting and follow up with collaborative design inspiration. That information is what our designers use to build a visual identity (AKA logo) that says everything you need it to say.