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Done with You Services

Our coaching and consulting services have been broken down into five different tiers to honor alllllll the ways that your business is different from anyone else’s. Maybe you don’t need a full hour of consulting! Maybe you want ideas delivered to your inbox (who’s got time for another meeting)! Maybe you’d like to learn amongst other business owners and see how creative we can all get! Or — maybe you just want me to teach you our ways. Choose from the five tiers below to get started. (And don’t worry, you can always shift from tier to tier when needed!)

live Q and A

Tier One: Brand Yourself Live Q & A

Investment: FREE

We host a monthly call where anyone can come in to ask a brand or marketing question. We love to have our brains picked. This call would be for:

  • Someone who needs to get their creative juices flowing and bounce some ideas off of the group
  • Someone who doesn’t need a full hour of consulting — just some clarity on a few things
  • Someone who works alone, in a bubble, and needs some human interaction
  • Someone who would like humans to run some business ideas by
  • Really, this call is for anyone who’d like to join a cool group of peeps for an hour

What you get: A FREE Zoom call with Tami, Captain of the BY team, and anyone else who shows up!

check ins

Tier Two: Monthly Check-ins

Social Media Accountability

Investment: $99/month

You are happily doing all the things (or a team member is doing all the things) but you know you could be doing better. If someone would just take a peek at what you are doing, provide you with content ideas, point you in the direction of the newest, coolest tools, and just be a cheerleader for your brand you’d be as happy as a, well, a happy business owner. This tier would be for:

  • Someone who is motivated to do it on their own and learn new marketing strategies
  • Someone who has good systems in place for consistent content marketing campaigns
  • Someone who wants to make the most of the platforms they are using
  • Someone who wants to see how digital marketing can grow their business

What you get: A monthly email analyzing last month’s performance and suggestions for what you could do to make next month better. You can email questions to the team and get feedback as you work on items.


Tier Three: Bi-Weekly Brain Picking Sessions

A Marketing Mentor for your small business       

Investment: $300/month

You need a bit more than an email, but not much more. You want to chat with a member from the BY team to really enhance how you can leverage what you are doing to create more revenue. You have ideas but don’t know how to get them off the ground. You know enough to be dangerous but would like some hand-holding for a bit to get you going in the right direction. This is for the person who:

  • Isn’t quite as confident in all things social media and wants to make sure they are doing it “right”
  • Wants to know best practices and get suggestions from a marketing professional (after all, this isn’t what you are an expert at)
  • Is willing to learn how to do things on their own but wants to save time looking everywhere for the right resources or tools (we got you)
  • Works better in conversation and wants to talk through ideas and how-to’s together

What you get: (2) 30-minute calls per month with email support and 5 copy/paste social media prompts to use as you wish on your social media platforms delivered to your inbox each month. This supplies you with enough gas to get going forward on your own with some support.

marketing class

Tier Four: Marketing Masterclass

Investment: $1500

You need to learn the basics. A sales funnel? WHAT is that? You keep hearing that a “good marketing strategy” will grow your business but you have no idea what one looks like. This 8-week Masterclass will teach you all of the things. You will walk away with a full sales funnel complete with a social media strategy that you can implement on your own.

During this Masterclass we will discuss:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing (and why you NEED to be emailing people)
  • How to automate your sales pipeline to generate new leads while you sleep
  • Messaging and communication strategies
  • What the heck your website should say and how to say it


This class is not for the faint of heart. We pack a lot in during those 8 weeks. As well as learning about specific strategies that will increase your revenue and grow your business, I am providing a 1-year license to the Business Made Simple University. You can continue your business education long after our time together is up. You’ll be able to review lessons on-demand and make sure the marketing assessment we complete is taken care of.

Again, you’ll receive:

  • 7-group coaching calls (recorded if you can’t make it live)
  • 1 one-on-one call with Tami to strategize and move forward on some items that you may be stuck on
  • A 1-year license to Business Made Simple University
  • Access to a private Slack Group to both ask questions as you’re working on your marketing strategies and bounce ideas off a group of peers as well as the experts at BY

Stop questioning if your marketing is working and implement strategies that have been proven to work for thousands of businesses just like yours.

Our next Marketing Mastermind cohort is October 21-December 16


Tier Five: Individual Business and Marketing Mentorship

Investment: $2,997 (3-month commitment)

You have shit to get done. You have the idea, the business is ready, and you want to make some damn money. You get completely distracted on your own and want some accountability. We will do it all together.

How will we work together:

  • (2) 90-minute calls per month with Tami
  • A 1-year license to Business Made Simple University to learn additional business tactics on your own at your own pace
  • Access to a private Slack Group to both ask questions as you’re working on your marketing strategies and bounce ideas off a group of peers as well as the experts at BY
  • Email support

Whether you want help defining your brand messaging statement, implement new revenue streams, build an automated marketing machine or determine how you can make money with your hobby.

Let’s get you moving in the right direction. We will set measurable goals and define how to implement all the things.