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Done for You Services

social media kit

Digital Marketing Audit

It’s time. It’s time to look at your digital strategy. You had someone launch your website (or maybe you did it yourself) 4 years ago and so much has changed. And seriously, social media changes daily and you just don’t fully trust if what you’re doing still works. Are you utilizing all of the tools that you can to maximize your online presence? You are ready to figure out what gaps your current strategy has and will take our to-do list to heart.

This is great for business owners or marketing peeps that would love an expert to look at all of the things and let you know what you’re doing well and what you kinda suck at.

With this package you will receive:

  • A Discovery Session where we will ask all of the things — we want to hear your story and your goals for the future.
  • A Digital Audit — this includes digging into how you use your website, what keywords you rank for (and those you don’t), what your competitors are doing well and how you could better your online presence, a look at your social media skills, and a visual audit of your brand to make sure your messaging and brand identity both align and are consistent across all platforms.
  • A prioritized list of actionable recommendations and next-steps — we will keep in mind your capacity as a business owner when making these recommendations. Do you have a team to help you or are you going to be implementing all the things on your own. Our to-do list will meet you where you are at.
  • A one-hour consulting session to deliver our results and answer questions — all the questions.
social media package

Social Media Blueprint

You need to up your social media game. You see other people doing it well and you are feeling like your presence isn’t as strong as it could be. You have a good foundation but know if someone could hop in and give you ideas on how to make this better, your business will grow. By having Tami pull apart your brand, your message and help you deliver consistent content (WITH personality) you’ll grow your engagement and connect with more people.

This package is good for businesses that have been around for a few years and are active on social media. This investment will take your business to the next level of success that you’ve both dreamed of and can define. Have the audacity to be memorable!

Let’s discover, assess, and reinforce your marketing strategy! To do this, we’ve set up this package for you. You’ll receive:

  • A Discovery Session where we will ask all of the things — we want to hear your story and your goals for the future.
  • A Brand Canvas — this is where all the important parts of your brand live. It’s important to have this together, in one place, to share with current and future stakeholders as well as new employees, contractors and designers. It holds the brand story, the brand voice (tone and personality) and will define who your target audience is.
  • A Content Canvas — this is where the content goals live and the strategy on what you need to create to achieve them. We will define your brand message and make sure that all of your content is created through that lens so that you are consistent and tell a good story. This canvas will also contain keywords — both what you currently rank for but what you should be targeting based on the search intent of your visitors.
  • A Social media kit — this kit is what everyone is looking for when launching a new strategy. We will pre-write AND DESIGN 48 posts for you to copy and paste into your social media platforms. Based on your content strategy we will work to put together video assets, photo assets, branded assets that will set you on the right path. In addition to writing the captions, we will also conduct a hashtag strategy for you to launch with. This is the social media blueprint you’ve been wanting.
social media

Brand Development and Social Media Management

A logo. A GOOD logo. That is what you THINK you need. What you really need is a BRAND. Branding is so so important either when launching a brand new company or re-branding one that has existed for a long while and still has that gradient shading within the bold letters at the top of your website. We are the brand strategists to work with. Our team has decades of experience both in brand design and marketing. We can create your identity and then create the messaging, personality and strategy behind it. Be proud of what you put in front of people and know (with confidence) that they have good things to say about you when you leave the room. (Branding can include logo design, messaging help, website design and strategy.)

Social Media
You’re DONE with tweets. You are ready to pass the baton to someone else and let go of managing engagement on your Instagram page. You are sick of coming up with post ideas and seeing nothing in return. We got you. Brand Yourself can plan, create and distribute all the things. We take a data-driven approach to your marketing plan. We love geeking out about data and figuring out how we can reach more people. If you’re ready to hand over your digital marketing tasks, we are your team.