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Strategy and Brand for a Startup Brewery

In March of last year, Tami was invited to speak in front of thousands of craft beer brewers at the Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia. Tami spoke on the importance of creating a strong brand and social media strategy for your beer, brewery, and taproom. Her speech was recorded and is still being accessed through […]

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Important Website Metrics for Measuring Your Campaign

When it comes to running a online marketing campaign, your most important insights come from your ability to collect and measure a variety of analytics. In fact, your whole campaign hinges on your website and social media performance. That being said, what important website metrics should you be measuring? We put together a quick list […]

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What is a Bounce Rate?

If you’re new to Google Analytics for you business, you may be confused by the bounce rate. Don’t worry. We once had to google it ourselves. A bounce rate means the number (percentage) of visitors who navigate away from your website after viewing only one page. In other words, the bounce rate measures website visitors […]

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