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What the [email protected]*% has Tami been up to??!!

Tami and Austin_2I feel like a new woman. School is back in session – my kiddos are running happily around while in someone else’s care. Everyone (including my teacher BFF’s) are back on a normal routine. It’s not quite so damn hot outside. The fog that settled into my brain a couple of months ago (when I say a couple, I really mean like 12) is slowly lifting.

I can breathe…Kind of.

Before I go off and explain the NEW business that we are building –  I’ll try to be quick and give you the run-down of what has been happening over here at Brand Yourself headquarters.

Brand Yourself is still going strong! You may have heard that we brought on a full-time project manager (Katelyn). I had BIG, BIG plans at the beginning of 2015 to double our business. I’m proud to say, we have most certainly done that!

Some of this year’s highlights have been working with new clients in Rochester, MN. We have developed 4 new brands in that area over the last 8 months. I encourage you to learn more about our projects for Forager Brewery, Kutzky Market, The Lofts at Mayo Park, and Pinwheel Plumbing. We are really proud of them.

In addition to these new clients in Rochester, you should check out our portfolio of other projects. We have been busy, busy! 

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